Better Work, Stronger Relationships

That’s what Block Companies Jason Keller founder set out to provide when we started in 2005, and it’s what we come to work ready to deliver every day. Our team is comfortable working with architects, engineers, project owners and in collaboration with other builders — whatever it takes to build a strong relationship and do the best work possible. You’ll find us efficient, responsive, responsible and accountable. And our mission and philosophy guide every business decision we make.

Our Mission

Block Companies is committed to providing excellence in construction projects; unsurpassed professionalism from our team members; and work that always exceeds our clients’ expectations. We tackle each job with a sense of urgency; maintain the highest standards of conduct and appearance for our employees; and promise to be consistent from bid to completion. 

Our Philosophy

With 15 years of diverse construction experience under his belt, Jason Keller started Block Companies in 2005 to do business his way: high-quality construction with a personal commitment. Co-owner Stephen Keller joined Block in 2008, and together they’ve built a company guided by the values of quality, honesty and hard work. Today, Block is committed to the highest ethical standards, and we believe in doing the right thing every time.

We work hard to understand our customers’ needs and help them achieve their goals — and that goes beyond constructing quality buildings safely and efficiently. Because lasting relationships are the lifeblood of our business, our clients will always receive the personal attention and excellent communication it takes to cultivate and maintain strong partnerships.

We also believe that every client is equally important, regardless of project size or length of relationship. From the small, intimate retail spaces to the large, complex multi-family campus, Block and our partners are committed to delivering the same level of service and attention to each and every client.